Work-Life Balance


Work-Life balance is important to better manage our lives and reduce stress. At the core are the concepts of achievement and enjoyment. These ideas are almost deceptive in their simplicity. Longer working hours, job insecurity, and the expectations that employees will simply work longer hours all contribute to stress.   This program will show you how to avoid stress and consider ways to become more resilient, especially in managing pressure. This program has been designed for individuals and managers in any size organisation, in both the public and private sectors.


  • Achievement and enjoyment
  • Master stress management
  • Identify stressors
  • Values and goal setting
  • Self awareness tools


At the conclusion of this program participants will understand the importance of work- life balance and how properly managed this will lead to better performance in the workplace as well as better physical and mental health. Participants will also explore the ‘why’ of work and the importance of balance as personally applicable to them. Organisations that place their staff on this program, should also have a commitment in supporting work -life balance for their employees and the benefits of improvements in productivity and morale will follow

Cost and Conditions:

The complete program costs $450 with a 20% discount for five or more enrolments from a single organisation. No prerequisites are required. A certificate of participation will be provided upon completion. The program delivery is capped at fifteen, to allow discussion and any individual attention needed for learning.

Location and Time:

The program requires attendance at one full day session. It can be provided on demand for enrolments of ten or more.  The presently scheduled program will operate 9.30am- 4.30pm with a tea break and lunch break at the BLI Training Facility.

*Minimum class size applies.

Corporate Workshops/Blended Delivery: Sessions by negotiation. Includes In-house design and delivery, and customised courseware and assessment in accordance with the workplace requirements.


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