IT Security In A Changing World


To provide participants with an understanding of current and future cyber security issues. Cyber security issues are complex and participants will also be provided with an understanding of these issues in the national and international contexts and how to put protective measures in place at the personal and professional levels.


The course will include the following topic areas:

  1. Cyber Security – Emergence and Concept
  2. Cyber Threats: Crime, Terrorism, Espionage and Warfare
  3. Cyber Threat to Critical Infrastructure
  4. Cyber Security – Hacking
  5. Privacy and Cyber Security


Upon completion, participants will:

  1. Have an understanding of cyber security in a range of non-technical contexts.
  2. Possess knowledge of cyber security and related security contexts and ongoing developments in cyber security at a personal and professional level
  3. Possess understanding of theoretical knowledge in relation to cyber security
  4. Be able to generate and evaluate complex ideas and concepts related to cyber security
  5. Be able to justify and interpret cyber security related issues to specialist and non-specialist audiences


Presenters will be drawn from practitioners and analysts in the field. Please contact Blended Learning International for current details of session of interest.

Cost and Conditions:

The complete program costs $750 with a 20% discount for five or more enrolments from a single organisation. No prerequisites are required. A certificate of participation will be provided upon completion. The program delivery is capped at twenty, to allow discussion and any individual attention needed for learning or focus on participant interests.

Location and Time:

The program requires attendance at two three-hour sessions on consecutive days. It can be provided on demand for enrolments of ten or more and customised to particular interests.   The presently scheduled program will operate 9.30am- 12.30pm with a short tea break at the BLI Training Facility.

Program Dates 2018: 15 March, 24 May, 5 July*

*Minimum class size applies.

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