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The internship experience at Blended Learning International was very enriching. BLI internship program is open to everyone, so anyone from any disciplinary can apply. This is great especially for international students who are in a disciplinary that provides little opportunity for internships such as political science and psychology in Australia.

BLI internship provides 2 main experience (1) It exposes you to working experience in Australia; you will understand the difference working in Australia and other country and (2) It exposes you to experience in running a small business in Australia.

My project was on launching a new product, despite coming from a non-business background (Psychology), the program was very supportive of my learning, allowing me to pick up skills and knowledge with ease. The experience allows me to learn basic and key business skills and analysis tools that I might not learn in university. This would help ease my transition and prepare me for my future career as an HR Manager. The best part of the internship was launching the product itself. I was managing the recruitment process, as this was related to my degree, I was able to apply and practice what I learned in school. I was able to see results as well as failures, learning that certain strategies work and others doesn’t.

I found this internship through the ANU Indonesian Student Association (ANU ISA) as BLI is currently partnered up with ISA in conducting this internship programs. I found the internship to be too short and lengthen the duration of the internship would result in a higher exposure to working life in Australia and a more enriching project experience. However, this internship is really great for busy people as the program normally run during the school week and has a short duration, this allows people to be able to adjust their schedule accordingly. I highly recommend others to apply for the internship especially for people who would like to work in Australia in the future or even if you don’t, it’s good to have a different perspective of work life in different industries and regions/ countries. BLI Internship program helps to integrate international students into the Australian workforce and thus this is one of the rare opportunity that should not be missed out.

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