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Mentoring is a key skill for fostering professional development:

  • The term has many definitions and connotations but at its core it refers to the role of a wise and trusted adviser, assisting in the guidance and development of a peer within a particular field of expertise.
  • Mentoring can be a valuable way to help others improve their knowledge, skills and confidence. It helps them to achieve goals for their own personal development and progression within any organisation, and it benefits that organisation accordingly.

This series of six webinars will examine the skills required by mentors to successfully work with their peers, within any organisational structure whether it is a government agency, academic institution, NGO or corporate environment.


The time has been set at Australian Eastern Standard Time: 5.45pm sign on for a 6pm start. The time will be confirmed with participants at webinar confirmation.

An indication of the webinar time for each of the GDLN regions are as follows:

  • East Asia and Pacific: around mid afternoon
  • Africa: around early to mid morning
  • Europe and Central Asia: around early to mid morning
  • Middle East and North Africa: around mid morning to the middle of the day
  • South Asia: around early afternoon.
  • Latin America and Caribbean: the time will be around midnight
  • US (Washington): very early morning


  • Session 1 – The Purpose of a Mentoring Program
  • Session 2 – The Mentoring Process
  • Session 3 – Characteristics of a Good Mentor, Analysis of Mentor / Mentee Scenarios
  • Session 4 – Building the Relationship and Developing Rapport
  • Session 5 – Facilitating Feedback, Planning for Difficult Conversations
  • Session 6 – Setting up a Mentoring Program within your Organisation.
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to view scenarios via the internet between each session to enhance their learning


These sessions are live time, where participants can ask questions during and at the end of the session.  Each session will be ‘live time’ with the Presenter and also the Webinar Moderator. The Presenter will deliver the webinar using PowerPoint slides. You will also have the opportunity during the session to share your thoughts via an online chat window and to participate in polls. These are used to provide instant group feedback and are a great feature!


  • All participants will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance
  • A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants upon successful completion of a short test. This also requires full attendance at the series of 6-sessions


  • Your computer is connected to the Internet and has a stable and reliable connection
  • You have a headset and microphone as you may require
  • A week prior to the session participants will be emailed an invitation link with instructions on how to join the webinar

Webinars are a great way to learn, interact and communicate with presenters and fellow participants in an online environment.

The recording of the session will be available for participants following the webinar. Anyone who registers for this series of webinars will be provided with access to the recording following the session.


$A15 per session, or $A85 for the 6 sessions

To register please email [email protected]

Please include your contact details and the sessions that you wish to attend. An invoice will then be sent, payment can be made with MasterCard or VISA or Bank Transfer. Webinar confirmation details will then be sent to you.


+61 0448 998 048


[email protected]

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