Economics for Non-Economists


Need to understand the basics of economics? Want to learn more about the economic way of viewing the world? Want to know how to deal with economic ideas and economists confidently and sensibly?


  • The Economic Way of Thinking
  • Basic Principles of Economics
  • The Market System: Supply and Demand
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the Market: Policy Implications
  • The Roles of Government and Community
  • Economists: their Models and Methods


Upon completion, participants will understand the general nature of the economic way of thinking, what it focuses on and what are its methods, strengths and weaknesses. Practice as well as theory is featured.


The course is delivered by ANU Professor Glenn Withers. Professor Withers has been a government and business adviser, as well as a university academic, including for the Business Council of Australia, OECD, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Department of Finance.

Cost and Conditions:

The complete course costs $750 with a 20% discount for three or more enrolments from a single organisation. No prerequisites are required. A certificate of participation will be provided upon completion. The course delivery is capped at twenty, to allow discussion and any individual attention needed for learning.

Location and Time:

The course requires attendance at two three-hour sessions on consecutive days. It can be provided on demand for enrolments of ten or more. Customisation of particular policy areas is available. The presently scheduled courses will operate 9.30am- 12.30pm with a short tea break at the BLI Training Facility.

*Minimum class size applies.

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